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How To Turn A Measley $15.00 Per Month Into $47,508.00 Or More Per Year, Even If No One EVER Joins Your Primary Business Opportunity!

Thank you for taking the time to download my FREE report! I must also congratulate you in advance, for what you are about to be exposed to will change your life FOREVER!

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From: Brian K Davis
Your GlobalNPN.Com Mentor

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Congratulations on your decision to read and take action on this powerful information. Inside this simple report you are about to discover our marketing group's very easy, step-by-step method for generating a ton of traffic and for building a super-charged auto-pilot income that will pay you over and over again for the rest of your life!

The best part is, you will be paid over and over again for the same amount of work you put in today...and it will continue to grow long after you step away from it!

I never seek for you to be dependent on me in any way. You will need to do some work in the beginning but, once you understand this report and how it works, you will have more energy than you ever imagined possible to get this going and keep it going indefinitely.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT think that because this report is FREE that it is worthless. Contrary to popular belief I do not think that you have to pay for something to value it. I hope that you do not prove me wrong, for your own sake!


If you are finally serious about experiencing financial success online you are in the right place. This is where it all begins for you.

Forget everything you have been taught about generating cash on demand through the Internet. Most of what is sold to good people these days is a bunch of bad advice and general information. This is NOT a guide filled with general information. If you take the whole thing in, step-by-step as it is designed, you will understand the following two important points well...

1) You will know what you will be doing
2) You will know why it will work

That is my promise to you today. This is not a hobby, a money game, or some dinky little Internet program... This is a SERIOUS business venture that will make you SERIOUS money if you follow the plan laid out for you.

Let the lazy opportunity seekers waste thousands of dollars on expensive products and programs that promise the world for doing nothing. You are smarter than that right?

You would not believe how many people rush through things, sign up to every new program in pre-launch and expect thousands by the morning.

I am going to put this bluntly...

Don't Be Foolish, and don't give those people your money!

They are using you as a personal ATM and that has to stop. They are feeding on the positive desires you have, twisting them to their will, and playing with your mind. If you do not believe me just think of the last product you bought, or the last business opportunity you joined...

Did it help you? Are you still with that company and developing the type of business that the product or ad said you would? Have you actually learned ANYTHING about marketing?

The answer to those questions is likely NO, otherwise you would probably not have requested our free report.

The truth is, you have likely purchased several courses, bought many different Internet Marketing and money making products, and have found yourself buying another product before you have even given yourself a chance to put the previous one into action.

Why do you think that is? Is there something wrong with YOU?

No. It is not you. I want you to realize that it is NOT your fault.

BUT...and this is very important...

I felt it was only fair to let you know that once you are done with this report you WILL become 100% responsible for your success and will no longer be able to point the finger at the "Gurus" or call anything a scam ever again. That is the power of the truth.

If you are ready for this, please continue.

The fact is you are being programmed to buy, Buy, BUY, over and over again, without asking any serious questions about WHAT it is you actually need to succeed. You are being kept in the dark in regards to the ONLY things you actually have to learn to achieve success online.

The more "STUFF" that gets thrown at you from all different angles, the more complex and difficult the whole process appears, when in actuality marketing online and earning from that work is very simple.

The more difficult it appears, the more attached you get to the final outcome instead of the knowledge and education you need to get there.

What I mean by that is you are being programmed to seek and purchase only the "HOPE" of achieving your goals, not the actual knowledge and education needed to help you DO IT!

This is not your fault, but is the natural direction the mind moves into when it reaches a point of saturation and information overload.

This is not some vast conspiracy mind you, it is just how marketing works. The problem is you need to learn HOW it works or it will work you over pretty bad, and you will continue to suspend your logic and reason without even realizing it is happening.

You need to be working for YOU, not some Internet or MLM "guru" who is grooming you to be their retirement fund.

To guarantee your success you need to UNDERSTAND what you are reading and why it will work, and THEN act on a proven formula or step-by-step plan. This will leave no doubt in your mind and you can rest assured that every step you take is purposeful and will be making you money.

This is what we are providing for you here.

I am not going to play with your mind, use fancy psychological warfare marketing tactics or anything of the sort. In fact, this report will be so different from anything else you have ever read it may be the only thing out there that can wake you up and get you on the right track.

It may seem, for lack of a better word...BORING.

In other words we aim to "INTERRUPT" the intense programming of your mind that may have resulted in your search for success online and to do this requires us to lay everything out for you in a certain way.

Everything in this report is written to reveal the blatantly obvious to you.

There are no secrets or tricks here. No one will be playing with your mind.

If we convince you to work with us you will have made the decision to do so because we make sense and you were able to make an informed and logical decision...not an EMOTIONAL or knee-jerk decision.

The obvious and blatant truth is what everyone else dances around in the hopes that they can appeal to your emotions instead of your mind. We won't do that. Now that you know this I have to issue a warning:

WARNING: Some of this report may be hard to read and you may need to make several trips to it before you actually finish it. As I said earlier, it is written to appeal to your logic and reason, NOT your emotions. This is the exact opposite of how most marketing works, and thus it may be a bit difficult to follow things at first.

This free report will be a VERY detailed report, and will show you step-by-step what you will have to do to become a successful entrepreneur in the shortest time possible. Really read this...It is very detailed but it is the answer to your wildest income dreams - IF you are willing to work and earn your way there.

There are NO free rides to a successful business.

The truth is this...You CAN get rich quick! Don't let anyone tell you it is not possible, because it is. You just have to KNOW what to do and what to expect, and that is where my marketing team comes in.

You have to start out with a realistic expectation of what "Quick" means first, or you will get burned time and time again online.

If you can completely replace your current income and then some in 12 months, that is quick! If you do not think that is quick than I know of a few slick marketers that have a product or two to sell you at around $97 a pop...or just go to Clickbank and take your pick!

Lets Get Real Here...

You are reading this report because you have already come to the realization that you don't need to work for someone else your entire life to be financially stable and successful. We all know how that kind of plan works (or doesn't work).

You get a FIXED income to do a job you are told to do, which makes the owners more money. They also will pay you as little as possible to make sure they generate the most profits possible.

There are actually companies hired by huge corporations whose sole purpose is to decide how little they can pay people and still retain them as employees!

Fine...don't get mad at the situation. It is what it is. Companies exist to profit and that is a simple expectation for a business to have. Don't try to change that because you cannot. Simply start working towards pulling yourself out of that mad world today.

I applaud you for deciding that you can make it on your own and do much better at it too. It is the entrepreneurs of the world who are the real heroes in my opinion, and you can count yourself as one of those!

I have been doing business online since early 1999 and bought my first computer that year for the sole purpose of making money with it. I have had many failures and some BIG successes.

I have been through the ringer so I know what this is all about. We have done the marketing research, hired the web technicians and built the necessary capital up to bring you the BEST WAY to make money online today.

Here is what we are giving you:

1) An excellent product (actually a whole suite of products) that are in high-demand and that are easy to sell. This will not only cover the immediate side of your income but that will provide you with an ongoing residual income that continues to grow long after you step aside from it.

2) A super-charged and efficient method to sell this product suite. We leave nothing for you to guess about. We tell you step-by-step what you need to do, teach you exactly how to set it up AND provide you with a detailed daily marketing procedure!

3) Teach you exactly how to put 1 and 2 together in the best way possible to create a marketing system unmatched in the industry, and that can be worked with minimal time each day.

4) Lastly, we teach you how to combine all of the above, easily, and in a step-by-step fashion to become financially free in as little as 12 months!

KEEP READING... Remember not to speed read through this guide or skim over it. If you listen and let it soak in now you won't be confused afterwards or have to read it over and over again. This is YOUR future we are talking about here so do yourself a favor and Pay Attention!

To get the system working for you will only require 1-3 hours per day. You can work more or less depending on your schedule, but to reach the financially free level within 12 months you will need to put in at least 10-15 hours per week. We will also provide you with extra steps if you wish to speed up the process and put more into it than that. YOU decide!

As long as you are consistent and complete your minimal daily marketing chores you will be successful. That is the way our system works. You will not see success quickly if you skip a few days and then try to make it all up over the weekend. You will understand why in a moment.

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