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The Marketing System

Listen...selling is the way of the past. And if you want to succeed in network marketing and help others to succeed, selling is the LAST THING you should be doing! We should expect much more robust and powerful marketing systems that will ATTRACT the right people to us.

They are available so how come you don't hear about them too much?

For one, they are usually VERY expensive and the people who can afford them never share them. And those that CAN build them charge incredible prices for them because they can. A pure and effective attraction marketing system is a rare find, thus you would generally spend hundreds of dollars per month just to house one yourself on your own servers and web space.

If you can find one that is affordable, they are generally affordable because they only serve one small segment of the market you are trying to reach with your business offer.

What does this mean for you?

Well, while the masses have limited reach the BIG GUNS are quietly cleaning up behind the scenes. They can reach more people than you can and it takes them a fraction of the time to do it!

Then you are left with the scraps. Success is a difficult thing to find when 97% of the people are fighting over the scraps.

Well, enough is enough! It is simply time to make this type of technology and marketing available to everyone.

We will provide you with the tools to outmatch anyone, AND we will continue to spend money on research and development of new systems and marketing processes to keep you there! We aim to stay on top and we aim to take all of our partners there with us.

But once again, it gets better...

We won't just take our partners with us, we will allow our partners to offer the same systems to their partners, on to infinity! Everyone that buys from you will receive the same exact Powerhouse Marketing Systems you have, so you will make even more money from their successful efforts as well!

You won't need to spend time training them... we do that for you.

That means you have more time to grow your own business and simply manage your downlines, not build them for others. In essence, you will create an extremely large army of well-equipped and well-financed business associates who will know exactly what do to.

Do you think that would increase your income? You bet it would!

Our marketing system works very well, and due to its extremely targeted nature, you will only be promoting to people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

We have an overall engine that powers the entire marketing system, as well as supplemental systems that work in conjunction with the main system. This is how we are able to target so well and reach only interested prospects for our business.

As mentioned previously, our marketing system was built to meet certain criteria, with one of those main criteria being able to help someone reach financial freedom within 12 month's time.

This marketing system uses revolutionary attraction marketing techniques to deliver highly qualified and extremely serious prospects right to you! If you follow our directions you WILL succeed.

So What Makes Our Marketing System Different?

1) We target The RIGHT Prospects From The Start

2) We Teach You How To Become A Leader (Not just pose as one...)

3) We Allow You To Build YOUR Own List (And we train you on how to optimize and monetize that list too!)

4) Provide Step-By-Step Training On Individual Advertising Mediums and Marketing Platforms

5) Provide Built-In Sales Funnels and Back-End Income Streams (We allow you to fully brand everything to maximize your profit potential, including all training!)

6) We provide complete 24/7 Support (This support is provided through a variety of different channels, including email, phone, private members forum, Facebook groups and more. We know how annoying it is to have a question and have to wait 48 hours or longer for an answer.)

And Much Much More! (Really, this is only the tip of the iceberg...)

To us, servicing YOU is the most important part of our business. We know it is our members who must be successful for us to be successful and we never forget that...EVER.

I mean come on! The whole entire network marketing industry is based on this one premise of helping others achieve their goals.

But most importantly, Global NPN works NOW!

We constantly update our systems to stay ahead of everyone and everything, and we will keep up with them for you! This is no pre-launch mumbo jumbo company. GlobalNPN will be here today, tomorrow, and well into the future. We pay now and have been paying our members, without fail for years.

In fact, we take pride in NEVER having missed a commission run. We figure if a company cannot perfect the means of paying their members then they might as well have never opened their doors for business.

All of your marketing needs will be covered by GlobalNPN.

All of your marketing training will be covered by GlobalNPN.

The system is so vast and so unbelievably different than anything people are used to seeing online, that it can be overwhelming for those who join without a support system in place.

We have solved that issue by creating our step-by-step guides. If you follow them you will be doing exactly what will be most beneficial to you within GlobalNPN system and you won't have to spend all your time trying to figure it out! It will work for you quickly and easily.

We designed this marketing system and all of our tools to help you generate leads and sales from Day ONE. It just plain works, and we stand by it 100%.

This is just a brief overview of GlobalNPN. We will show you more later on and give you the exact price of our systems, how much we will pay you for recommending us to others, and how you can bcome financially free, within 12 months!

Yes, it really is as simple as that. Can you bring in one new member per month? If you can, and if you allow us to teach your downline to do the same, you can be financially free in 12 months!

When you see how small of an investment GlobalNPN actually is you will understand how simple it will be to share it with others and easily bring in at minimum, one new business partner per month.

Also, keep in mind that everything that comes with the GlobalNPN system you will be trained on. You will NOT have to spend tons of time learning how to use everything on your own.

We do all of that for you. Once you are making a solid income from our marketing blueprints, you can spend some time learning about how to increase your marketing reach and expand your business on your own.

Until then, we show you how to set everything up, what to do and when to do it!

So now you know a little about GlobalNPN and some about our initial product of choice...enough I hope to be able to make a decision anyway.

So it finally comes down to this...

What will you do now? Where will you go from here?

Allow us to sweeten the pot a bit and add even more value to our marketing system. The strategy is so very important. We can give you the best product to generate immediate cash...we can give you the Internet's #1 marketing system to help you sell this phenomenal product, but what exactly will you be doing day in and day out to make this all successful?

In essence...What Is Our Angle and Strategy?

This is where most people fail and drown in Internet marketing...AND it is exactly where we come in and perform our rescue mission. :-)

Here is where EVERYTHING will come together and where it will all make perfect sense. If you are tired of reading go ahead and stop. Come back to this next section when you are fresh and ready to continue. It would be a TOTAL SHAME for you to gloss over ANYTHING in this free report, but it would be truly DEVASTATING to miss the overall strategy as we are about to present it on the next page.

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