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Putting It All Together: Here Is Where The LIGHT Goes On...

I am about to let you in on a VERY BIG secret...

I don't care what your primary business is, and neither does anyone else. Did you catch that?

NO ONE CARES what your business is, what it does, or even what products you sell.

Once you understand this you will already know 90% of what it takes to be a great network marketer. The remaining 10% is all execution.

Since absolutely no one actually cares about your primary business opportunity, the first step to success is to stop telling everyone about it in a way that resembles throwing up all over them!

Here is what I mean...

Lets say you are at a party and I walk up to you, hold out my hand and introduce myself like this:

"Hi there, my name is John! You should really look into owning your own home business. I have an amazing opportunity available that you should really look into. We sell an amazing product that everyone wants and needs and you can get in on this thing at the ground floor. We have no competition, the pay plan is incredible, we are currently in pre-launch, and if you get in fast you stand to make a ton of money before we even launch to the world. We are poised to become the next Microsoft. You will be set for life!"

I can't imagine you would be too keen on doing business with me now would you? You would probably be looking for the nearest exit, afraid that you just walked into an Amway convention!

Everyone is screaming and crying for your attention in network marketing. They are literally "puking" their business all over you every chance they get, just like in the example above, only they are doing it with their companies replicated website.

Doesn't that just about describe every website you have ever come across for the most part? No wonder so few become successful in this industry. Everyone is just throwing up on each other!

If they are not throwing up all over each other, they sound as if they are a member of some eerie cult that is operating just a tad outside of your "reality" meter.

This is actually a good thing for you.

The good news is it is very easy for you to stand out when 97% of the people around you are squawking like chickens, puking their business all over the place and acting like zealots.

You will be like a two-legged person competing in the One-Legged 100 Meter Dash!

This is where GlobalNPN comes in. We help you walk right in and make the sale while everyone else is hopping around just trying to get in the front door!

GlobalNPN is all about YOU and YOUR business. We provide you with all the tools you will need to be successful in this industry, and we also train you up in how to become a marketer and how to think like an entrepreneur.

Then, we help you build your own circle of influence and help your new recruits see the benefit of doing business with you in the long term when they are ready to do so.

And of course, we pay you to share this highly affordable training with others. Basically we pay you to build your business.

Imagine for a minute that you are able to put only highly qualified, motivated, and fully-trained distributors into your business who actually have money to invest in their own growth.

Do you think that would give you the upper hand?

They in turn become successful, which then makes you even more successful! This is the win-win situation everyone talks about online but never really gets to experience.

Here is a brief look at how we do this:

1) We provide you with your very own series of professional lead capture and squeeze pages, specifically designed to target individual advertising mediums, connected to a complete follow-up system that builds YOUR list, not ours.

2) We provide you with step-by-step guides, showing you exactly what needs to be done everyday, as well as complete guides for getting everything set up properly.

3) We provide you with pre-written ads for any type of advertising medium you can think of, designed by professional copywriters and created exclusively for us!

4) We provide you with total support through our members forum, email, Instant messenger, telephone, whatever you need to keep you on track and performing at your best.

5) We will provide you with everything you need to know, as well as allow access to special sections of our site and advanced trainings for those wishing to take this into overdrive.

If you have any experience online you should know what a value all of this is.

If you did it alone you would have to pay $10 for a domain name, around $100-$197 for a dedicated server to host everything (that's monthly), and an experienced web designer and marketing expert to create your pages (this can cost anywhere from $100 per page to $8000 per sales letter!)

You would also have to go through tons of technical training and marketing books just to learn the basics. This doesn't account for your continuing education when things change all of a sudden... And change is a constant online. What works today may change quickly and you will need someone to guide you and help you adapt.

That is only a few of the things you would need if you did this on your own.

Believe me there is a lot more to it than that!

This will by far be the most valuable service you will ever receive in your entire Internet marketing career.

Like any Internet marketing company we have expenses. BUT we believe so highly in our marketing system, and your success if you do what we tell you, that we are making your investment in GlobalNPN very small.

So with that here is what you have been waiting for...

OUR New Plan Network Fees and Compensation

Honestly, this is where you are really going to flip your lid...

You can get started today with GlobalNPN for only $15.00 per month...

No, that is not a typo...

So here is the deal. I do not expect you to believe anything I say here in regards to the compensation plan that GlobalNPN offers. It is Out of This World and will seem too good to be true...but I assure you it is not.

The best way to show you is to send you to my GlobalNPN website and let you read about it yourself.

To learn all about the compensation structure and how our amazing 100% product commissions works, please visit my NPN website below. When you click the link it will open in a new window so you won't lose your place in this report.

Click Here To read All About Making Money With GlobalNPN

Here is the breakdown of this awesome compensation system and why it will make us all some serious money if we dilligently promote it...

1) High 100% monthly referral bonuses on personal referrals: $5 - $100 depending on what upgrade level members are at.

2) Monthly commissions on an unlimited width 5 level downline

3) 100% monthly matching bonuses on all personal referrals

4) Massive bonuses earned 5 levels deep regardless of who the sponsor is!

Just take your time here... do some serious thinking. I am certain you will not find a more robust pay plan nor will you find a more reasonably priced product to bring to market and earn from!

But I have one more amazing thing to show you...

Do you think with the marketing systems we have built for you, and with all of the training and support we provide you could bring on one new member per month? Even if it takes you a month or two before you can do this consistently, do you feel that is attainable?

Just so you know, many of our members bring on 5-10 times that number every month thanks to our highly duplicatable system and comprehensive training and support, and I KNOW you can, at minimum, grow your GlobalNPN downline By ONE every month.

Just imagine...If you were making $50,000 extra per year, 12 short months from now... what would your life be like? Is that enough to replace your current income? If not, what is?

Read this next part carefully:

If you could help a couple other people do this too, do you think you would have a business partner for life? Do you see how GlobalNPN is designed to be the most profitable and advanced funded proposal in existence?

Think about this please because it is YOUR life to live and no one else's.

You can significantly change your life quickly through The Power Of One. I have and I know you can too. So what is stopping you?

Everyone talks about being wealthy, but how many people who talk about it actually do something? And how many people that ARE willing to do something don't know WHAT to do or when to do it?

We estimate that most people fall into the second category above. Those in the first category, who won't do anything no matter what you give them, won't even finish this report so don't worry about dead beats coming into your business.

Remember, this report was written to drop them like flies early. Only people who really crave the truth and real knowledge will be reading this right now.

HEY, that means YOU! Good job! :-)

It is the real and honest people who are willing to work for themselves and who understand that it takes a strong desire and a willingness to succeed who we want to work with. If you are reading this now, I can guarantee you fall into that category and now, maybe for the first time, you are receiving the answers you seek.

So many people say they are willing to do anything to succeed, and all they need is someone to show them what to do. Well, here it is. You have everything you will ever need and more. We are practically handing it to you...

But the question remains...What will you do with it?

We leave you with this inspiring quote from the movie The Secret, followed by THE LINK that will change your life forever.

"We believe that You are Great ::: that there's something Magnificent about You. The Moment You begin to Think Properly :::That there's something that is Within You ::: There's Power within You that is Greater than The World ::: It will begin to Emerge ::: It will Take Over Your Life ::: It will Feed You ::: It will Clothe You ::: It will Guide You ::: Protect You ::: Direct You ::: Sustain Your Very Existence::.... ::.. If, You'll Let It ::.. .:::The Universe will respond to The Nature of Your Song :::"

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From: Thomas Zimmerman
Your GlobalNPN.Com Mentor

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