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Product Research and Development

Our product research goals were simple. Our product had to meet a simple set of criteria before we would even begin to look it over. It had to have all the following things going for it to even be considered....


1) It had to be attractive to the majority of people looking to earn an extra income from home.

2) It had to be part of a growing and familiar industry people would recognize immediately. This means that it would already have appeal that we would not have to create (market value) AND this appeal would be growing by leaps and bounds everyday with no sign of stopping.

3) And lastly, when sold, it would have to create both short-term and long-term residual income gains, with the main focus being on long-term residual income.

Also, the product we chose had to be combined with an efficient and super powerful marketing system.

We knew we could have the most in-demand, hot product that would make us a lot of money, but if we could not bring it to the market that needed it efficiently and effectively, AND teach others how to do it too, it would be worthless.

This is the BIGGEST hurdle to overcome online no matter what product you are trying to promote. It is also where all of my colleagues and I originally failed miserably, and the area that we eventually perfected.

The perfection of the marketing system and the duplication process is the key ingredient and thus we gave a lot of thought to it.

The Marketing System

1) It had to be effective (that is a given.)

2) It had to be time efficient since the majority of people who need to use it do not have a ton of time to market and promote their business while working a full-time job, juggling kids and family time etc.

3) It had to be simple to set up, simple to maintain, and simple to explain to anyone. This all boils down to duplication. It needs to be able to duplicate itself with ease so no one has to spend all of their precious time working with referrals who don't get it and probably never will.

4) Lastly, it needs to be totally automated. I am talking push-button simplicity. You push this, click that, copy and paste something else. This kind of simplicity and automation is KEY and IS available online. We need to make use of the best that technology has to offer. That way you only have to provide YOU as the missing piece to the puzzle.

The whole point is to provide as much ease as possible, but be able to produce results over and over again. Not a small task to accomplish I know.

BUT, we did it!.

It just took a ton of work on our part.

See, we could not FIND anything already out there that matched all of our specifications so WE BUILT IT OURSELVES, and we even made your success virtually guaranteed if you can follow simple directions!

We have created ads and super targeted marketing pages for you, we tell you where to place them, AND we show you EXACTLY how to put it all together to make the most of everything available to the online entrepreneur. We have left no stone unturned!

We have created highly targeted marketing pages, websites and advertisements that already produce results, and through our strategic partnerships and one-on-one support networks, we will be able to monitor your progress AND help you reach all of your income goals!

We will also continue to pay for the best marketing research and systems research to bring you the BEST cutting edge tools you will need to stay ahead of the game now and far into the future.

We have done the hard part. All you have to ask yourself is this...

Can YOU pay attention and follow directions?

If you can follow our simple process you will succeed!

If you are willing to put forth 1-3 hours per day towards completing your daily tasks, and increasing your reach and the time spent building your business when you are able, financial freedom is completely possible to you within 12 months!

If you are not willing to invest 1-3 hours per day into this process you may as well not even continue. Just put this report somewhere on your hard drive and forget about it. At least you didn't pay for it! At that point all you did was waste your time reading this.

You have to make a choice now.

What will it be? We have provided you with what we believe is the fastest path towards financial security. Will you take initiative and follow through?

The difference between successful people and professional dreamers is one simple thing... ACTION. The choice is yours. You can read on or delete this now. Just decide!


"The Results Are In!"

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